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Paul Smith Ep. 17 | Lead With A Story

Episode Summary

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Episode Notes

Welcome everyone to today’s episode of Impact with Don Wenner. Today we have the amazing author and public speaker Paul SMith. Paul is one of the world’s leading experts on organizational storytelling. a storytelling coach, and author of three Amazon #1 bestsellers: Lead with a Story (now in its 11th printing, and published in 7 languages around the world), Sell with a Story, and The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell.

Paul is also a keynote speaker and will be at the DLP Elite Mastermind event in March in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. If you want to learn more about that event or buy tickets you can go to or click the link down in the description!  

Three Key Takeaways from this episode are: 

  1. We review his amazing books and dissect what great storytelling is and how leaders can utilize it
  2. We talk about parenting with a Story and how storytelling can positively influence how we raise our children. 
  3. How our listeners can use storytelling to make an impact in the world.


Join Us March 16 to 20, 2022.


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